Magnetic Eyelashes

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Who says glamorous lashes can't look natural? Our magnetic lashes give you luxurious length and volume, without that "false lash" effect. Striking yet sophisticated, this versatile lash goes with any look - from daytime to evening wear. No wonder it's one of our best sellers.


A Simple Way To Apply Eyelash Extensions 😍

  • Goes on in seconds (no messy glues or adhesives required)

  • 4 lashes included per order

  • Ultra-lightweight (you may even forget you're wearing it... until you see your stunning self in the mirror, that is)

  • "Budge-proof" magnetic technology secures your lash in place until you're ready to remove it 

  • Safe for everyday use: our glue-free design won't irritate your eyes or damage your natural lashes (can't say that about other lash extensions!)

How to use:

  1. Gently remove Upper Magnetic Lash from tray and lay on top of your natural lash line.

  2. Gently remove Under Magnetic Lash from tray and place beneath your natural lash line to connect the two Magnetic lashes together.

Simple Removal: 

Using your index finger & thumb carefully slide top and bottom magnets away from each other, one by one.



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